Rebels of Thupakula Gudem (Telugu)

Rebels of Thupakula Gudem (Telugu)



Comedy Crime Drama

 Directed by:

Jaideep Vishnu





 Story Plot: Set in the 2009 time period, to eradicate Naxalism from society, the central government brings a scheme. As a part of it, the government offers police jobs and a three lakh reward to the Naxalites who are ready to come back to the People‚Äôs lifestream. To cash in on the opportunity, a jobless youth named Kumar from a small village named Thupakula Gudem brings a hundred members from the village to showcase them as Naxalites to the government and get a commission from the mediator. As an unexpected scenario, the central government cancels the scheme at the last minute. Later, how the lives of hundred members turn ups and down, forms the key aspect.
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