Run Baby Run (Tamil)

Run Baby Run (Tamil)
 IMDB Rating:

6.7/10 from 230 votesIMDb




Action Thriller

 Directed by:

Jiyen Krishnakumar





 Story Plot: The film opens with the suicide of a young woman, falling to death from her college building. Next, we are introduced to Sathya, who works in a multinational bank and is getting married soon. One day, when he goes out for his wedding shopping, he suddenly comes across an unknown woman named Thara. She is seen being forced inside a car by someone. Sathya helps her during the tussle. But, he finds out after a few days that Thara has died. The story is surrounded by mysteries. It focuses on the troubles Sathya faces, and his efforts to escape from them. The events that take place after this death and the consequences this young man faces, is the main storyline of the movie.
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