Yellow Board (Kannada)

Yellow Board (Kannada)
 IMDB Rating:

9.3/10 from 47 votesIMDb




Crime Drama Thriller

 Directed by:

Thrilok Reddy





 Story Plot: The story is stitched around Kiran, a middle-class youngster and a no-nonsense cab driver, who tries to develop a rapport with his passengers. While he is content with his life and is happy spending time with his love interest Priya and fellow cabbie friends, Kiran’s life turns topsy-turvy when he is arrested for the murder of his friend, Monisha. Parallelly, we also see how Kiran’s initiative to improve the safety of women gets very little support. This is where we see how the equation between Monisha and Kiran was developed, and how he is finally accused of her murder.
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